FOR SINGING LESSONS IN LINCOLN CALL 07597093884. URS is the best place to discover singing lessons in Lincoln. ULTIMATE ROCK SCHOOL can help you develop your singing with lessons tailored to your needs. Build confidence and remember - Singing is a skill that everyone can learn.

Every genre from Pop and RnB to Rock and Metal.

From your first singing lesson to this...

We will work closely with you to improve your voice, working on your singing technique including, correct breathing, tone, tuning, range, resonance and much more. With the opportunity to perform to live audiences and access to fantastic recording facilities, our vocal training really is second to none.

Call 07597093884 for the best singing lessons in Lincoln and find the right teacher for you from our team of enthusiastic and friendly singing tutors. In your first session we'll discuss your aims and aspirations. Then rest assured that we can build the roadmap to get you where you want to be.

Our students love their singing lessons week after week. Give us a try and you'll see the difference. No gimmicks just solid vocal coaching from the best accomplished tutors.

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Ever thought you could sing? Ever wanted to play the guitar or drums? At Ultimate Rock School in Lincoln we'll take you seriously.

Not only that - Our students make extremely fast and thorough progress because of our breakthrough methods.

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Over the past decade, we have been fortunate to have worked with hundreds of singers of all ages! With singing lessons in Lincoln our main goal is to help you realise your true potential and to help you to sing to the very best of your ability.
Learning the correct singing techniques will help you to deliver and express yourself in a clearer and stronger way. Learning these techniques is not about trying to make you sound like Beyonce, or Adele, or Corey Taylor! Learning to sing is about singing, as yourself. Singing Lessons in Lincoln are about allowing yourself to sing in a more controlled way. In a better way.
Ultimate Rock School Provide Singing Lessons in Lincoln including Pop, RnB, Rock, Indie, Metal and more AND you can join a band and record a CD in a fully equipped recording studio. URS use a unique teaching method that trains all aspects of the voice including breathing techniques, range development, pitch correction, articulation, repertoire choices, confidence building and most of all bridges the chest and head voice successfully. Our technique also ensures strength in the head voice. Ensuring a connected vocal tone throughout your whole range.
Ultimate Rock School have specialist teachers in genres including: Pop, RnB, Rock & Metal.
Your first session will include a vocal assessment, allowing your teacher to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Sessions are tailored towards the individual. Tuition is available to beginners through to advanced.
Teaching is on a 1-2-1 basis in half hour or hourly sessions.
Learning resources are provided within sessions: Vocal Exercises, backing tracks and more. Plus singing students will be kept updated of events, competitions and more via the Ultimate Rock School news.
Ultimate Rock School artist development and management offer artist development to suitable singers, offering them media training, photoshoots, confidence development, recording, songwriting and much more to offer them the full industry package.
Ultimate Rock School work alongside producers and industry professionals to assist it's singers in reaching their goal.
Ultimate Rock School offer support to unsigned acts all over the UK. Support is given by way of regular meetings, online support and more.
Artists considered are: Female & Male Solo, Duo's, Boy & Girl Bands, rock, metal and pop bands. Whether you are looking to perform locally or want to be considered for a major record deal, we are in the know.
Singing Lessons
The art of singing is made up of simple concepts. Each of these concepts takes some time to understand, implement and master. Through professional singing lessons each singer brings with them a different set of abilities and attitudes, which when added to their training, independent research, personal style, and preference of music, affects their performance as well as the enjoyment of their audience. Through our professional singing lessons, we encourage the singer's abilities and bring them out to be a true performer.
Singing Classes
Our Singing Classes by trained professionals will help you develop both your singing technique and style. The Singing Classes are designed for singers of all ages and levels of experience.
Singing Teachers
Singing Lessons are extremely relaxed and informal, conducted by experienced singing teachers. We believe that strong vocal technique is fundamental to having your voice at your disposal in good condition, allowing you to approach any style you choose from a position of safety. Our singing teachers encourage vocal freedom & health through controlled relaxation and support.
Singing Tuition
Ultimate Rock School provide one-to-one singing tuition in a safe and supportive environment to explore and develop your voice, learning projection and microphone technique (if desired) whilst working on a wide variety of repertoire and styles. As part of our singing tuition, we like to encourage pupils to try different genres.
Group Singing
If you are looking to experience group singing or singing in a band Ultimate Rock School singing lessons in Lincoln are the best option for you. We have experienced teachers who offer effective singing tuition that is fun as well as educational, our others services include summer schools, holiday band camp, band training and recording work. Ultimate Rock School offers tuition to beginners as well professionals to help develop your singing skills in Lincoln.