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For Singing Lessons in Lincoln call URS on 07597093884.

Over the past decade, we have been fortunate to have worked with hundreds of singers of all ages! With singing lessons in Lincoln our main goal is to help you realise your true potential and to help you to sing to the very best of your ability.

Learning the correct singing techniques will help you to deliver and express yourself in a clearer and stronger way. Learning these techniques is not about trying to make you sound like Beyonce, or Adele, or Corey Taylor! Learning to sing is about singing, as yourself. Singing Lessons in Lincoln are about allowing yourself to sing in a more controlled way. In a better way.


Do you want to be a singer? Do you want to be a guitarist or drummer? We provide top level tuition in Lincoln that's second to none.

Call 07597093884

The Ultimate Rock School approach is a unique method of learning to sing and play an instrument.

Our music students make extremely fast and thorough progress because of our breakthrough methods.

We make singing lessons as natural and easy as speaking.

Guitar lessons to the highest standard - It's easy with our approach.

Drum lessons with Ultimate Rock School will get you playing in no time.

Beginners and improvers are welcomed - both young and adult.

Joining a band here at Ultimate Rock School is extremely motivating and confidence building.


Call 07597093884

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Ultimate Rock School specialise in modern singing techniques that will very quickly take your voice to the next level. URS singing teachers draw from many sources of voice coaching to give you tailored singing lessons that can sometimes only apply to you and not everyone else! 

Not limited to Singing Lessons alone, Ultimate Rock School are also songwriters and producers with a studio in Lincoln.

Ultimate Rock School have specific voice teachers and the styles taught range from rock, through RnB, pop, and metal.
Everyone is different so in our first singing lesson we will usually take a few moments to assess your range, projection and style to see where we can take your voice next. The singing lessons in Lincoln with Ultimate Rock School use modern techniques - you are no longer limited to one or two styles. If you've always wanted to sing rock or RnB but think you have a choir voice, you always can with this training!

Extra benefits of Ultimate Rock School singing lessons include:
   Professional recording studio facilities in Lincoln
   Recordings of your lessons
   Voice training CD routine to train at home
   Opportunities to perform at our events throughout Lincolnshire and beyond

   Access to our songwriting service to gain original material
   Access to our many bands for performances and recordings

   Professional Music videos of your original songs produced for you

The singers we teach can benefit from extra singing sessions and opportunities for studio and live work.
The songwriters and band leaders we train can also benefit from advice on song writing, structure and production, artistic styling and music business information.

1 Thinking and Training
Singing Lessons in Lincoln with Ultimate Rock School will demonstrate how very often we are not doing anything wrong, however there are always easier ways to do it! In training your voice you may be changing the way you think about singing as well as training your muscles to remember what to do when you need them to!
Often students think singing has to be difficult. After a few lessons, you will see how easy it can be, no matter how long you've been singing!
Some specific singing training we can work on could include breathing exercises, opening your throat, controlling tone, tuning and resonance, projection, capacity, musical aspects and stylistic aspects of singing. These will only be worked on if we see it is required and never just for the sake of teaching you the information!

2 Recording
At the Ultimate Rock School studio, you are never very far from recording equipment! This means you can take advantage of recordings in your lesson as a video DVD or an audio CD. You can use the studio to experiment and train your voice or we can produce your demo, single or album.
At Ultimate Rock School in Lincoln we have developed singing lessons that show you how your voice is performing through recording techniques and reveal ways that you can gain the commercial style you need.

3 Performing
Ultimate Rock School put on regular shows for singing students who want to get extra training on the stage. These events are not the same as our 'talent scout showcases' but more opportunities to perform, for both beginners and advanced singers.
The beginners always benefit from the opportunity to perform on a decent stage and the more advanced singers benefit from the chance to try out a different style, perform without their band, or take advantage of our session musicians to provide the accompaniment.

When you've trained enough with the URS singing approach, your muscles will remember and you can enjoy your show!














* With Ultimate Rock School Lessons you will learn singing warm-up exercises to stretch the neck, back, and abdomen muscles
* In our lessons you will learn warm-up exercises for the vocal cords
* In our singing lessons you will learn to develop good singing posture
* With Ultimate Rock School Lessons you will learn to develop good singing breathing practices
* Learn how sound is produced when singing
* Learn essential singing terms like pitch, intervals, scales, and time
* Learn sight singing techniques
* Add expression to your singing
* Control your larynx to produce high quality sound whilst singing
* Learn to articulate during singing
* Gain confidence to sing on stage
* Learn songwriting skills as a singer
* Learn to sing while strumming a guitar


































What makes a good singing lesson?

The most common way to learn to sing or any other instrument is to get a good teacher and attend lessons. Of course, you should practice on your own between lessons. Here is what a singing student should expect from a well organized singing lesson.

If you’re the student then your goal is different from your teacher’s goal – one of you already can sing. So most students automatically respect their teacher and believe everything they say. That’s good and if you are making progress then you hardly ever have to question the quality of the singing lessons. But there are plenty of teachers around who actually have no idea what they’re going do with you in the next lesson. So here comes the first rule of a good singing lesson:

1. A good singing lesson is always based on a plan

So if you’re not sure then ask your teacher – what are your plans with this term/season/semester? What are we going to learn and how am I going to achieve the goals that we set together?

2. A singing lesson is the place where you get your problems solved

Teaching is all about solving problems. If you go home from a good singing lesson then you always know what you are going to practice when you get home. If you leave the class with confusion and a feeling that you are still “not good enough and need to practice, practice, practice.” then you should ask what is the most effective way to practice in order to solve the problem – good practice is not simply about repetition.

3. Good singing lessons are never boring

Studying an instrument includes similarities with doing sports but it also must have the creative side. A well organized lesson includes warm-up, techniques, interpretation and playing.

There are more things that make a wonderful singing lesson but don’t forget that very much depends on you as a student – if you don’t do your practice then you’re not going to get anywhere.

4. Make sure the singing course is taught by someone with actual teaching experience

This is easier than it sounds, folks. All you need to do is find out who the singing teacher is and Google them. All the information you want to know will be returned in a few seconds. Read, review and make sure the teacher is really a teacher and not just a player who is trying to make extra money.

5 If you are an absolute beginner

Be absolutely certain that it is a true beginner’s program. Many times, you may discover that much of the basic stuff is omitted from beginner’s singing lessons. Things like proper position, vocal techniques, parts of the voice such as vocal chords, reading music and tablature should be included. Without this information under your belt, you may find your singing lessons to be in vain.

6 Take into consideration the type of music you want to learn to sing.

Search out singing lessons that offer the genre that motivates you. There are comprehensive singing lesson programs available that cover several music genres and styles, but that might not be for you. If you want to learn RnB, then look for singing lessons that can offer entirely RnB. If you like rock, find a singing teacher who can provide rock singing lesson. The very best singing teachers, who can offer many genres, will have a much more comprehensive understanding of the voice and who knows, you may start out learning to sing by singing RnB and eventually get a taste for Rock.

7 Do the singing lessons provide an opportunity for you to sing with other vocalists?

As well as providing a fun way to practice, it also gives you performing experience with other singers. At Lincoln Singing Tuition you will have the opportunity to join a band and play with other student just like you.

8 Good singing lessons should take you from the very beginning to the very highest level.

The very best singing teachers can give you a first-rate foundation and build on this until you become an advanced and independent singer. You should feel like your singing teacher is aiming to get you as good as possible as quickly as possible.

Looking for singing lessons in Lincolnshire? Want to be great vocalist? Or do you simply want to learn for fun? A friendly and highly professional service from a qualified teacher with over 20 years of professional  experience and a 100% pass rate across four exam boards with enhanced CRB clearance. Singing lessons in Lincoln and Newark with David Truelove are relaxed and friendly with content that is matched to the individual needs of the student. RnB singing lessons in Lincoln and NewarkRock singing lessons in Lincoln and NewarkMetal singing lessons in Lincoln and Newark, and Singing lessons in Lincoln and Newark with David TrueloveWant to play in a band? Why not join David Truelove's ultimate rock school in Lincoln and Newark

Find singing lessons in Lincoln and Newark with David Truelove to discover all you need to know. David Truelove is a singing teacher in Lincoln and Newark who teaches a modern commercial style of singing.